Feb 2013 Students

Feb 2013 Students
Diploma awards

Friday, 9 April 2010

Free coaching and supervision

For a three-month period after qualifying we offer 3 months of ongoing supervision by qualified hypnotherapy supervisors
This is a unique opportunity to receive 121 coaching at a critical time in your practise development during the all-important early months.

We include this at no extra cost, as we believe in undoing everything possible to help you succeed.

We both have come form successful business backgrounds as well as running successful full time practises.

With a highly practical course geared to the realities of the hypnotherapy business and with business coaching post diploma, this can be the difference in being established as soon as possible or not. We would also be on hand to give ongoing support for technical queries of the “how to deal with this” nature.

In the early days of running a practise it is vital to be able to save on costs and feel you are making then right decisions both clinically and professionally.

So it’s useful to have your very own coaching team dedicated to your success.

We also believe it is essential to support you and not just leave you to own devises like so many other training providers.

Running a hypnotherapy business whether full or par time can be a lonely occupation so having a coach to call on can make a difference.

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